How did you share your blessing this holiday season?

 It was in December several years ago when I saw one TV station aired a commercial showing an anonymous man helping a poor family pay for the hospital bills.  It struck me.  I felt the overwhelming joy of both the man who shared his blessings and the poor family who received the blessing.
Silently, I made this wish to be able to help exactly the same way, anonymously.  I wished to help someone who is in need secretly when I get rich.
It is also in December this year when something happened.  Someone very close to my heart needed my help.  Everything happened so fast and I ended up needing approximately Php 80,000 to pay for a hospital bill.   Never in my life have I experienced patiently waiting in a hospital hallway, trying to contact the doctors to request that we be allowed to pay the professional fee within one week as it is impossible for an ATM machine to dispense more than Php 20,000 for a single bank account in one day.  Thankfully, there are kind-hearted doctors – Dr. Ricardo Dizon (surgeon) and his wife Dr. Janice Dizon (pediatrician) who did not hesitate and wholeheartedly helped.
The whole experience humbled me, I came to realize that helping others does not require a certain degree of wealth.  I realized that anybody can help regardless of their financial standing.  I realized that helping doesn’t require a big bank account, but a big heart.  Which could be the reason that not all wealthy people share their blessings – they are either too busy planning their holidays, too busy choosing between the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phone, etc., or too busy dining at fancy restaurants.
I do not have a 6-digit monthly paycheck yet.  I still have loans and mortgages to pay.  But, I never hesitated to help.  How can I say no to the woman who took care and looked after me while mommy is not around?  How can I say no to the woman carried me to school whenever it’s raining so my shoes won’t get dirty?  How can I say no to the woman who devoted 26 years of selflessly serving our whole family?
The experience is painful.  It gave me a lot of realization.  I realized that I’m not prepared for emergencies like this, I realized that my love is bigger than my wants…
I may be broke this year.  But I consider my self as the happiest and wealthiest woman on earth this holiday season.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to share my blessings!
Happy to share my blessings,

Happy Second Year Anniversary, my Jondie!

Last night, I realized that there is this man whom I have known for exactly half of the number of years I existed on earth.  The man who gives me “kilig” moments and the same man who bears my PMS (a.k.a. pagtataray at pagsusungit before that time of the month) moments.
Photo taken during our prenuptial pictorial in year 2010
To my hubby, my best friend, my brother, my partner in crime, my pirate (who downloads tons of movies, ebooks, audiobooks, and mp3 files for me), my  shield, my armor, my bed of roses (with thorns. hehehe!), my protector, my shock absorber, my baby’s one and only dad… Advance happy second year anniversary to you.  Hahaha!  I greeted you first! 🙂
Pardon me for writing this in advance as you know, I will be a full-time mom and wife starting tomorrow and for the next 12 days.  I may no longer have enough time to ponder and to think of how grateful I am to have you in my life.
Since I have been doing this gratitude-giving project, I’m dedicating the next 24 grateful slots for you today:
253 of 1,000:  Thank you for your love from the day we met until now.
254 of 1,000:  Thank you for showing me and letting me feel how it is to love unconditionally, without pride or ego.
255 of 1,000:  Thank you for your enormous effort to be a good provider for our family.
256 of 1,000:  Thank you for loving and respecting the people I love.
257 of 1,000:  Thank you for taking charge of washing baby Marty’s clothes from the day he was born until now.
258 of 1,000:  Thank you for always putting smile on my and Marty’s face.  You never fail to make us laugh.
259 of 1,000:  Thank you for living a simple yet happy life with me. 
260 of 1,000:  Thank you for watching tagalog movies with me.  I appreciate how you keep yourself look interested and awake so I won’t get offended.
261 of 1,000:  Thank you for helping me cook.
262 of 1,000:  Thank you for understanding my needs.
263 of 1,000:  Thank you for your washing the dishes at night while I’m taking care of Marty.
264 of 1,000:  Thank you for always trying your best to keep me happy.
265 of 1,000:  Thank you for buying me snacks I can bring to the office.  So I won’t get hungry no matter how busy my day is.
266 of 1,000:  Thank you understanding whenever I have no time to text or call you when I’m too busy in the office.
267 of 1,000:  Thank you for being the best husband and best dad I and Marty could ever have.
268 of 1,000:  Thank you for making me and Marty your No. 1 priority.
269 of 1,000:  Thank you for making me feel that I’m the prettiest woman in the world.
270 of 1,000:  Thank you for the nightly foot massage.
271 of 1,000:  Thank you for reminding me that “giving up” is no longer part of your vocabulary no matter what challenges we encounter.
272 of 1,000:  Thank you for adjusting and for respecting most of my decisions.
273 of 1,000:  Thank you for surprising me always.
274 of 1,000:  Thank you for helping me raise baby Marty as a happy, healthy, loving, and God-fearing baby.
275 of 1,000:  Thank you for being my stylist and critic (though some are hurtful, at times.  hehehe!)
276 of 1,000:  Thank you for sharing life’s roller coaster ride with me. 
I love you so much and I always will….