5 Favorite Stories (from GONEGOSYO’s 55 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs)

I bought Go Negosyo’s 55 Stories of Women Entrepreneurs sometime in November 2012, but I only finished reading it after almost 3 months.   I’m not a poor reader, in fact I can finish a book in just one sitting.  But that was way back in college when I have the luxury of time to read, watch the television, and kill time while staring at the blank wall of my bedroom.
As a first-time mom/newly-wed wife/employee/entrepreneur/blogger, I have to manage my time wisely.  But as an advocate of learning, I cannot trade reading books with any other activity that is less worthwhile.

Added to the list of the books I read this 2013.  (Note: As mentioned on my other blog – “The Turtle Always Wins” I commit to read at least one book every month and share through blogging the things/lessons I learned.)  In this blog, I’d like to share 5 of my favorite stories from the book I recently finished reading.  All success stories are inspiring, but I feel that below stories changed my mindset and encouraged me to pursue my passion.

Go Negosyo 55 Successful Women

Success Story #1:  Multiple Intelligence International’s Mary Joy Abaquin  (Where every child is smart)

After reading her story, I realized that the kind of education she is offering in her school is the kind of education our children needs.  Gone are the days of traditional teaching.  As a parent to a 14 month-old toddler, it is a challenge for me to find a school in the south that can give the same quality of education to my son when he is ready to go to school.  And as an entrepreneur, it is inspiring for me to see a woman entrepreneur who became successful in a society that doesn’t welcome non-conformists.

Mary Joy’s Go Negosyo tip:  Dare to ask yourself, “Why not?” Do not be afraid to pioneer something that has never been done before.

Success Story #2:  MSA’s Merle S. Alferez (The equation of success)

Math is my favorite subject, and it will always be.  Studying is also very close to my heart, that is why teaching someday in the academe is one of my dreams when I decide to retire from the corporate world.  For I believe that whenever I teach, I learn more.  I admire Merle’s patience and passion to share her knowledge as much as I admire her as an entrepreneur.  Unlike most businesses that are funded with loans, hers if funded with mere passion and cash that isn’t borrowed from anybody else.

Merle’s Go Negosyo tip:  Know what you want and do it with passion.

Success Story #3:  ABS Gen Herbs’ Grace Gupana (Yes, success is bitter!)

As an entrepreneur, there is still a lot for me to learn on selling.  It’s not my cup of tea.  I’m more on the conceptualization side, while my hubby is on the execution.  Aside from being kind of introvert (Yes!  I am.  Believe me friends.), I am so afraid to take risks.  I don’t want the feeling of being rejected especially when I sell.  Grace Gupana’s story is such an eye-opener.  I admire her incredible capacity to rise-up every time she falls.  I guess, this is a woman’s secret weapon as an entrepreneur.

Grace’s Go Negosyo tip:  Declare and believe that you are going to succeed.

Success Story #4:  F Salon’s Flrorisa Estandia – Mariano (No ifs, only F)

I admire Florisa’s wisdom and strength for pursuing her passion despite her already successful business ventures.  After reading her story, I realized that Emotional Quotient, and Intelligence Quotient are not enough for us to thrive in this rapidly changing environment.  According to her, it is also important for us to look after our adversity quotient – something that gave her the courage to continue her passion and purpose despite the perplexities in her life.  For years, I thought that F Salon is just like any another salon.  After reading her story, it made me realize that indeed, F salon started the trend of offering the same high-end salon experience at an unbelievably lower price.

Florisa’s Go Negosyo tip:  Remember that being  a woman doesn’t give you the license to be second best in whatever field you are in.

Success Story #5:  Ineng’s Michelle Santiago (The Barbeque Queen)

Though named after her, Ineng’s success is a product of wife and husband tandem, who made it big from a small barbeque house.  I’m  a food lover but I haven’t convinced myself yet to venture into a restaurant business.  For me, running a restaurant business is very challenging – especially monitoring an inventory for perishable goods (e.g. vegetables, meet).  As an entrepreneur, I look up to Michelle’s discipline on continuously investing and reinvesting on her business.

Michelle’s Go Negosyo tip:  Manage your finances – learn how to increase the capital of your business.  If you earn, invest it and reinvest it.

After reading the book, this little dream that has been asleep for so long woke up  – the dream of being able to change other people’s lives by sharing my own success story.  It’s been a long journey, I’ve been to many business ventures (some successful, some are not).  But I hope that one day, I will also be featured as one of the country’s successful women entrepreneur.

Keep on dreaming,

2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Stories (from GONEGOSYO’s 55 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs)

  1. Stories of entrepreneurs are a great inspiration to aspiring ones. It can build their strength and confidence in pursuing their dreams. Failures and challenges will not stop them until they reach their goals.

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