My 31st birthday (no-holds-barred) wishes!

It’s few weeks from my 31st birthday.  I told my husband that I will have my much needed me-time on that day.  It’s been over a year since I gave birth that I selflessly took care of my baby Marty.  Being a wife and a mom, I’m at a stage in my life that myself is my last priority.  Also, the entire family has been through a lot of hurdles during the past months, that looking after my well-being was set aside.

I’m grateful that this year is turning out to be one of the best years of my life.   Things and events fall into their rightful places.  So, if a geenie would come to me and ask what my birthday wishes are, I will gladly wish for the following and expect an answer that sounds like “Your wish is  my command.”

  1. Luxury of time – I do a lot of things in a haste.  The word “hurry” has been a big part of my vocabulary during the past months.  I never get to enjoy simple mosundialments of life because everything seems to be urgent.  I never get to savor each moment of eating food, taking a bath, walking, or breathing.  On my birthday, I want to  enjoy each moment of my day as I take a bath, brush my teeth, eat, dress up, walk, breathe.  Just for one day, I will never look at my watch and just let the moment pass by as I enjoy my day.   On my birthday, I will take the pleasure of killing time.  I will savor the hot coffee at Starbucks as I write a blog or read a book.
  2. Freedom from stress – It’s been months since I had my last salon session with my favorite hairdresser – Ramir of Going Straight Salon branch in SM Molino.  And it’s been years since I had my last full-body massage.  On my birthday, I will relax as I have my much-needed pampering.  I will definitely shoo stress away.
  3. Freedom from pressure and distraction –  woman relaxOn my birthday, I will turn off my mobile phone that will contain messages like, “Where are you?,”  “This is urgent.  Can I call you?,”  or “Please return my call ASAP.”  My birthday is MY day and I demand respect for my time.  On that day, there will be no emergencies that will require my attention.
  4. Happy money for shopping – People who are close to me can tell that I am a certified frugal.  I always make sure that I get most out of each penny that I spend.  Besides, what I spend is my hard-earned money.  But for one day, I will buy things my heart desires (new clothes, new bag, new pair of shoes, new accessories, etc.).  I’ve been harsh on myself during the past months that whenever there is an urge to buy something for myself, I always end-up buying necessities (e.g. groceries) just to satisfy my urge to buy.
  5. Special moment for praying – I pray everyday.  In fact, I pray at least three times a day (before each meal).  But on my birthday, like any other birthday celebrants, I believe that God will grant my wishes.  So my prayer for this day will be extra special.  I will pray for everything my heart desires – fantastic health, peace of mind, happier relationships, abundance on all aspects of my life, etc.  More importantly, I will take this special moment to thank God for all the blessings and guidance I received that kept me sane, alive, and kicking despite the hurdles I’ve been through.

birthday cake

We celebrate our natal day only once a year.  I feel that it is a good practice that apart from dinners, parties, and dates with friends and loved ones, I will take this time to pause and look at my life as an spectator.  Oftentimes I’m so engrossed with meeting deadlines, earning a living to make ends meet, and acting as a superwoman, that I forget to live my life.

Nevertheless, I’m happy and grateful for the past 31 years of my life that made this existence wonderful, fantastic and breath-taking.  Indeed, life is beautiful, and living life with happiness and contentment is extraordinary!

Living life beautifully,


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