Grateful for today – June 28, 2013


846 of 1,000:  Thank you that I have a sense of direction today.  I’m grateful that I’m soon to finish my To Do list for the week.  Yipee!

847 of 1,000:  Thank you that I have a decent job that puts in money on my pocket.

848 of 1,000:  Thank you that I arrived early in the office today even if I woke up 30 minutes late than usual.  Ahahaha!

849 of 1,000:  Thank you for another fantastic weekend ahead!!! Hooray for Friday!


Grateful for today – June 27, 2013


844 of 1,000:  Thank you for this another step on financial freedom.  Indeed, it always feels good to be truly rich!

845 of 1,000:  Thank you for the yummy chocolates hubby gave me last night.  I had a fun morning at the office munching on my favorite chocolates!  Yahoooooo!

Are you happy with money?

At the start of 2013, while everyone is so busy with all their new year’s resolutions, I busied myself creating an MS Excel file that will help me monitor my income and expenses in a very detailed manner.  Year 2012 has been financially challenging for me and my family which is the reason why I made sure that I will exercise frugality (once again) up to the depths of my being.  I was so worried at how to win the battle and get back to my old fighting form.  I fret a lot about money and made sure that every little expense is recorded on my income and expense monitoring.  Yet, no matter how I try to budget and manage my income well, it seems like what I’m earning isn’t enough to make ends meet.  I worked so hard to earn money and worked even harder to manage it.

Until a very close friend, whom I also consider my billionaire sister, lent me her kindle so I can read the book she recently purchased at  “Happy Money” is one of the books I read in just one hour (the other book is Dr. Spencer Johnson’s “Who Moved my Cheese?”).  “Happy money” is very easy to read, no high-sounding vocabulary that’s why it is not a surprise that anyone can finish it in one sitting.

happy moneyAfter reading the book, it changed my perspective about money.  I started being more relaxed when dealing with my finances.  Also, I have realized that I have been a fool about money by having the following false beliefs:

  • Money is hard to earn
  • Money should be shared only to those who deserve it
  • The outflow and inflow of money should be carefully monitored
  • Share only when you have an excess money
  • Money should be kept safely in a bank for future use

Looking back, these false beliefs didn’t help me at all.  In fact, it created more money problems. Friends, I’m encouraging you to grab a copy of this book from  It doesn’t cost much yet it’s worth a fortune considering how it will change your life.

Here are some of the surprises I received after months of practicing the “happy money method”:

  • Last week, I won first place on the entry I submitted to one of the competitions in our company.  The prize?  Php 20,000 cold cash!!!
  • Last week, my father consulted a doctor at the Asian Hospital.  The professional fee: Php 700.  How much did my dad pay?  Zero!  Surprisingly, the doctor didn’t ask him to pay for the consultation. The consultation was for free!
  • Last Monday, I received a new company phone, my first ever android phone!  I’m now using a brand-new Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini for free!

I’m always tempted to think that these are just mere coincidences.  But I’d rather believe that these are products of being happy with money and of wonderful blessings from God.

Grateful for life’s wonderful surprises,

Grateful for today – June 26, 2013

images840 of 1,000:  Thank you for the happy and blissful days like this!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

841 of 1,000:  Thank you that my techie hubby willingly customized my first-ever android phone.  Happy to see this that he managed to make me follow 100+ people on Instagram when it was just my first time to open my Instagram last night.

842 of 1,000:  Thank you for 5,781,600 minutes of love with my hubby who is celebrating 11 years of our bf-gf relationship with me!  Happiness!

843 of 1,000:  Thank you that our Marty is growing up to be a healthy, loving, active, and curious little boy.  Happy 1 1/2 year birthday to you anak!  ❤  ❤  ❤

Do you live a simple and happy life?

I have been reading a lot of Bo’s articles during the past years.  I bought some books, downloaded some free ebooks – one of the perks of being a Truly Rich Club member.  (Note:  If you want to be a member, ask me how.  I’ll be glad to help you out.)  I have shared a lot of Bo’s articles with my friends, my work colleagues, and my hubby.  I’m grateful to share the inspiring articles I have been reading for the past few years.  I’m also happy to know that some of the articles I shared with them changed their perspective about life.

I read this article few weeks ago, though I think this is just a repost from Bo.  It reminded me of my nightly discussions with my hubby about how amazed we are that our little boy grows up so fast and how we beautifully craft our dreams for him. I guess it’s every parents’ dream to see our children living a comfortable life and having a beautiful future. 

  • ·         This is probably one of the reasons why  most parents sacrifice working abroad to give their children a good life. 
  • ·         This is probably also the reason why most parents stay late at the office because their promotion required them to spend longer hours in the office. 
  • ·         This is probably the reason my most parents have second jobs or sidelines on weekends. 
  • ·         This is probably the reason why most parents still bring work at home to cope up with the increasing demands of their top executive position in the corporate world.

I can’t help but be grateful that I and hubby share almost the same aspirations in life – of having a simple, comfortable, and happy life.  Of course we dream to have our own car (or a van that we can use to buy supplies for our business) and a humble home (we don’t want a mansion that will require us millions just for maintenance and future repairs).  We don’t buy expensive gadgets and fancy clothes, and go on luxurious travels because we don’t want to labor day and night to pay for monthly loan or mortgage installments – leaving us with very little time to spend at home. As what I have read on one of my FB friends’ post, “Happiness is homegrown.” Maybe the reason why not all people who are wealthy are happy, but those who are “truly rich” are.

Here’s Bo’s article about living a simple and good life…



Simplify and Live the Good Life

My parents breathed simplicity.

Oxygen too, but that’s pretty obvious.

Dad was an assistant vice president at a humongous company, yet I didn’t “feel” like I was a rich man’s kid.   Because my parents made it a rule to live below their means.

A millionaire’s son rode a sleek Benz.  I rode our sixteen-year old Toyota that sounded more like a drum and bugle band, with its cacophony of bangs, rattles, and whams.  Oh yes, our neighbors had cars with a little bit of rust.  But we had rust with a little bit of car.  An heir of the moneyed class was chauffeured to school, but as early as Grade III, I was taking the public jeepney—sitting, standing, or swinging from its handrails like a flapping flag…

The wealthy dined on gourmet meals every day.  But the culinary highlight of my whole week was when Mom bought Coke for our Sunday lunch—the only time we tasted the stuff.  I’m not kidding.

Rich kids wore outfits from America, England, and Paris.  I wore clothes from Avenida, Escolta, and Pasay.

The mansions of the rich and famous are veritable furniture showcases, complete with sixteen Egyptian jars from the Nephriti era.  I learned that one of those monstrous flower vases was equal to the price of our entire house.  But naturally, we too had our own flower vases.  If my archeological knowledge serves me right, they came from the Nescafe era.

Their estates have playrooms with life-size Barbie’s and Power Rangers.  But the way I played with expensive toys was admiring them from the store shelf and using my imagination to the hilt.  That way, I owned all the toys in the world.

You’ll be shocked by what I’m going to tell you, but in all these, I recall never feeling deprived in anyway.

Let me tell you why.

I remember my father coming home every night and we’d go jogging together–around our old car parked in the garage.  (Dad says he wasn’t vying for the Olympics anyway.)  Then I’d sit on his lap and we’d talk about how to solve the problems of the universe.  After dinner, we’d read the comic pages together.  Tarzan was my favorite, until I reached puberty.  From then on, it became Jane.

Almost every Saturday afternoon, it was father and son time.  We’d walk to the shopping center and Dad would buy me a hotdog.  Then we’d walk back home, bringing some small thing for Mom, usually a chocolate bar.  To add sentimental value to our token gift, I forced myself to take a few bites from it.

I guess being with Dad and Mom were all that my little boy’s heart ever wanted.

And I got it, every single day.

Start Living Deliberately

I believe that God chose to write the “map of happiness” in the ordinary parchment of simplicity—like a treasure map written on recycled brown paper.  Consequently, many people ignore the map, and are attracted instead to the more glossy, loud, shiny maps around.  But when they follow these others maps, they end up tired as a dog chasing it’s own tail.

I have a radical suggestion.


Simplify because you want to discover the depths of your soul.

Simplify because you want to start living deliberately.

Simplify because you want to love from an uncluttered heart.

Remember that simplicity is only a first step of the journey.  Holding the treasure map, memorizing it, photocopying it a thousand copies, and keeping it safe in a vault won’t make you claim the gold.  You actually need to sail through oceans, climb the peaks, cross the valleys, and dig in caves.

Simplicity will point to you where and what and who the gold is in your life.

Once you know your gold, the game has just begun.

Will you treasure your gold?

My parents knew their gold: (1) Each other, (2) their six children, and (3) their faith.  They tried to live uncluttered lives so that they could have time for what was most important.

They didn’t busy themselves buying a bigger house, because that would mean working harder to pay the monthly amortization, do overtime work, or take a second job.  Who would then go jogging with little Bo every night?  Who would read Tarzan for him?  They didn’t burden themselves buying a BMW because that would mean laboring and worrying about installment bills.  Besides, walking to the shopping center every Saturday afternoon with his son gave him exercise, and made little Bo feel special.

One of the delights of my heart was seeing Dad and Mom in their bedroom at night, after our nightly family prayer.  The lights were turned off, and I’d see the silhouette of my father seated on his old chair and mom standing behind him, gently massaging his shoulders.  I’d hear them talk about what transpired in their day.  Even as a child, I sensed their quiet pleasure at being together.  My question today: Could they have done this rich ritual each night and nourished their marriage if they were busy paying designer outfits for themselves or their kids?  Or worrying about monthly bills for new hi-tech appliances?

I don’t think so.

And I’ve made the choice: I don’t want that kind of life either.

In the next few weeks, it will be my pleasure to take you through the peaks and valleys of this journey towards happy simplicity.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez


Had I been away abroad or busy with work, I won’t be able to see this smile on my son’s face.  A priceless moment, not even a company car, a business travel, or  a 17th month bonus can replace!

img_20130401_203220Living a happy life,


Grateful for today – June 24, 2013

ladybug_thank_you_birthday_sticker-p217425359959200711wt1ru_315837 of 1,000:  Thank you for the happy weekend with my loved ones and for the happy start of the week.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

838 of 1,000:  Thank you that this year’s circumstances allow us to spend more quality time at home.  Just exactly what I dreamed of!  Happiness!

839 of 1,000:  Thank you for the new mobile phone.  I’m ready to be “androidified!”  Yipee!

It’s a jolly weekend for our little boy!

Marty woke up a little late last Saturday (Uhmmm… Actually, seven o’ clock in the morning is already late for him) because he slept half past nine last Friday night.  Since I’m used to waking up early everyday, I woke up an hour earlier.  I guess, it’s more of excitement for our Saturdate other than the “body clock” thing.

We arrived early at the mall and headed to buy Marty new clothes for the birthday he is attending this weekend and for the special occasion in our church next month.  We also bought a sling bag for daddy and a new pair of moss green flat shoes for me.

After some shopping, we decided to have our lunch.  So happy I didn’t give in to hubby’s offer to place a bet for the  Game 7 of NBA finals.  The loser pays our lunch on our Saturdate.  I was about to place a bet for Spurs… I’m glad I backed out! Hahaha!

We had our lunch at Kenny Roger’s and ordered our favorite solo A (quarter roasted chicken + muffin + side dish + rice).  We had our rice upgraded to our forever favorite java rice.

1005409_3104996881494_635661241_n 1016064_3107246777740_1710789458_nIt’s almost a yumyum lunch until Marty decided to make our lunch more exciting, by pooping at the middle of our sumptuous lunch.  So I had to wash him and change his diapers right away.  Though I sometimes miss those days that I and hubby can enjoy our meals, I consider moments like these  priceless!    My son grows up really fast and in the next couple of years, I will no longer be changing his nappies <sob>.  So I’m enjoying every minute of his growing up years.

After lunch, we walked around the mall where hubby gamely allowed me to put this wig on him.  Marty was so surprised seeing his dad with longer hair.  Hahaha!

1010755_3104908719290_990520372_nWhile we also tried this cute pink headband on Marty to see how her future baby sister will look like.

992843_3105004801692_1034506878_nWe learned that there is a Jollibee activity at the mall’s activity center.  I and hubby decided to register and watch the show with Marty.  It will surely be fun since he loves Jollibee!  Plus it’s a first time, not just for Marty, but for me and hubby to see the entire Jollitown barkada.

As expected, Marty had mixed emotions as soon he saw the Jollitwon barkada – Hetty, Popo, Jollibee, Yum, and Twirlie altogether on stage!  He was surprised, shocked, frightened, and happy!  His heart was even beating really fast according to hubby who was holding him as we watch the show.  I and hubby even enjoyed the Jollibee caravan!

1044540_3107234417431_457097737_nAfter watching the show, we headed to have our favorite Jolly Spaghetti before going home.  Of course, our little Marty enjoyed the yummy pinoy spaghetti (Hmmm… I think I just home-cooked a pinoy spaghetti last week!)

Fast-track to Sunday morning… While I was having breakfast, my hubby and my sister made fun of Marty (who gladly enjoyed being a victim) by sticking these Spongebob stickers on Marty.  Of course the little boy enjoyed it a lot and the photo shoot as well.

1014075_3107237577510_987978444_nWeekends like these surely make moms like me extremely happy.  See hubby’s FB post showing how he captured  my happiness.  ❤  ❤  ❤

Having a jolly time of my life,