Grateful for today – July 31, 2013


911 of 1,000:  Thank you that I just finished reading the first book of the Hunger Games series.  I can already allow myself to watch the Hunger Games movie as I wait for the second movie this year.

912 of 1,000:  Thank you for the health and safety of my family.

913 of 1,000:  Thank you for the streams of income that bless us and our family with abundance.

914 of 1,000:  Thank you for the opportunity to help in our Church’s activity in our own little way.

915 of 1,000:  Thank you that our Marty is growing up to be healthy, happy, and nice little boy.


What kind of person will wealth magnify from you?

Some time ago, I read an article which tells that our financial wealth will just magnify who we already are.  Such statement totally negates our common belief that when a poor man gets rich, he’ll have enough money to share and to help others.  While some good-hearted-rags-to-riches individuals put up charities and donate on foundations to help the less fortunate, there are some who indulge on their wants and buy luxuries left and right.  The article is a realization to me as I study the lives of the people I know who have the classic rags-to-riches stories.

Take for example this person we can call Donya Madonna.  (Note:  I chose to use pseudonyms on mall my examples to protect myself and the interests of these wealthy individuals.)  Donya Madonna grew up in a big family of 10.  Being the youngest girl in the family, she didn’t it make her fragile.  In fact, she grew to be a very strong woman, went to places to work very hard and to find her luck to earn a decent living for her kids.  Her relationships weren’t much of a success which is the reason why her life remains hollow despite her riches.  She is very rich but it is incredibly hard to borrow money from her.  If in case you are successful enough to persuade her to loan you, you are in for the greatest nightmare of your life.  You will received calls and text messages during the midnight and wee hours of the morning following up your payment as if it is her last money.  Sadly, Donya Madonna’s wealth magnifies how a nagger she is.

Another example is Happy Bopicassobby, like Donya Madonna, came from a big family whose father is a carpenter and a mother is a plain house wife.  Being the eldest in the brood of 10, he took responsibility in helping his parents make ends meet by doing many odd jobs after school.  With his flimsy figure, he was learned did carpentry works, sold ice cream around the whole municipality which he traveled by foot, caught fishes for family’s dinner, and worked as a porter in a nearby market.  Yet, despite the hard work, Happy Bobby never kept his earnings to himself.  He shared them with the entire family.  Today, Happy Bobby is not just wealthy with money.  He is wealthy of love and happiness too.  Until now, he never fails to share his wealth to those who seek for his help.

Last week, I shared this learning with my mom during our late evening conversations.  She just exclaimed, “I’m sure when we get wealthy, we will be like Happy Bobby.”  With much humility, I’m sure that what my mother just told me is true.  Of course, my parents do not have a heart of gold.  But I magnifying glasssalute them at how they try their best to help some people in our community.  My father still works to this day, even if he is just 2 years away from being counted as a senior citizen, to save up for my younger sister’s schooling.  Yet, they have sent a couple of students to school to give them hope and chance for a better future.  There are also some weekends when we can opt to dine in a fine-dining restaurant but my mother chooses to eat at a local fastfood so we can bring our neighbor’s kids with us.  These admirable deeds I consider are the best lessons my parents ever taught me and my sister.

How about you, what kind of person will wealth magnify from you?


Grateful to be abundant with love and happiness,

A humbling and happy weekend, indeed!

The weekend started with losing my 7-year old Motorola L7i mobile phone to a pickpocket last Friday.  It was my favorite mobile phone because it can outlast the battery of new mobile phones available in the market nowadays.  The reason why I never sold it even if a lot of people have been insisting me to let go of my old-school mobile phone.  I have a little secret:  I think that my thumbs are too big making it incredibly hard for me to type a message using a touch screen mobile phone.  As a result, I have to make do with this humble Nokia 1280 phone made in India.

20130729_113508However, no lost mobile phone can ruin my happy weekend with my koykoys, especially that our Marty is always excited to go on our Saturdate.  We even have this small talk last Friday night when he kept on saying “Date, date.”  As if he knew that we will go on our weekend bonding the next day.  Marty woke up early last Saturday and we prepared him early as we will be meeting with one of my closest friends who is in the Philippines for a vacation.  While I was getting ready at home, Marty is already bumming around with hubby.  This photo was taken few steps from our home.


Hubby has been longing to try the milk tea at Dakasi so we headed to buy Dakasi’s best seller to satisfy hubby’s (or Marty’s) craving (too!).

 66113_3198859908011_281718817_n 1077725_3198866148167_646154082_o

After the milk tea indulgence, we went to J. Co because that’s the best place where we can stay comfortably.  That’s the place where Marty is at home.  So, while hubby is enjoying his J. Cool twist, Marty comfortably lied on one of the couches and devoured his milk.

1071233_3198882028564_455862556_o 1000196_3198857147942_607972553_n

We had out lunch at Yellow Cab with my friend and her family.  Below are Marty’s photos as we play over a pint of Pistachio-flavored ice cream.

1005208_3198541340047_95117227_nFast forward to Sunday, we attended a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party.  The party is a blast!  I enjoyed it a lot and I can say that most kids who attended the party enjoyed it too!  There are a lot of fun activities like face painting and picture taking at the photo booth.  They also have french fries and ice cream carts.  The whole package is really nice with the beautiful set-up of the venue where color pink is very dominant.

Camera 360

Below is my and Marty’s photo at the stage before the party started.

Camera 360

While these cute Minion paints on my and my sister’s arms tamed Marty during the entire party.  I just have to endure a few pinches from Marty.


Concluding the past weekend, I can always say that my family is my home.  The happiness we find when we are with our family can always cover for the loss of earth’s treasured possessions, of material things…


Grateful for the humbling experiences and wonderful weekend,

BBC’s The White Queen

Recently, I have been reading some books that were sitting on my To Read List for quite a while.  I even made some reviews in this blog. Yesterday, I thought of giving in and start watching my To Watch List which hubby saved on my smart phone for quite some time.  I started watching – “The White Queen” series, an adaptation from Philippa Gregory’s novel of the same title.


I must say that it is very timely that I started watching “The White Queen” during the time that everyone is going crazy over the birth of the royal heir – Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s baby boy.  It made me understand and appreciate the “royalties.”  By the way, is there already a name to the royal baby?

royal baby

Photo courtesy of Getty images

The series is very entertaining that I have to stop at 15% on the new book that I’m reading to concentrate on watching this new series.  This is the reason why I try my best to stay away from teleseryes or telenovela because once I get hooked to those, I become so impatient waiting for the next episode to come out.

Watching the series made me realize so many things about the marriages of the royalties.   I’ve learned that in the royalties, once the new King gets married, the mother (currently Queen) becomes a Duchess and her son’s wife becomes the Queen making the new Queen more powerful than the Duchess (the new King’s mother).

I’m also appalled to learn that marriages are not honored, but are treated only as a strategy to secure the throne and that women are forced to marry and pressured to give birth to a son to ensure that there will be a future heir to the throne.

I hope that the marriage practices in the series are fictional and aren’t true in modern times.


Overwhelmed with my new learning,

Grateful for today – July 24, 2013


899 of 1,000:  Thank you that I arrived safe and early at work despite the bad colds and sore throat.

900 of 1,000:  Thank you for the vast opportunities available for my writing endeavors.

901 of 1,000:  Thank you for trustworthy people who are worth more than the world’s finest diamonds.

902 of 1,000:  Thank you for the new TV series I am watching that serves as a breather from my reading and writing addiction.

903 of 1,000:  Thank you that Marty and hubby slept early last night sparing me some time to read before going to bed.