Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Writing

Way back in high school, I have very poor grades in my English subject.  I used to get 82% quarter after quarter, which may not look bad because I never get lower than that.  But, it didn’t also get higher than 82% which is the reason why it looks awful because receiving the same grade all throughout the year only meant one thing – I didn’t improve!  Okay, I became a Spelling Quiz Bee Champion for two consecutive years when I waquotes still in elementary but it has nothing to do with writing or even with simple English grammar.  Spelling is just a matter of memorizing and organizing the letters correctly.

It was only when I was in college that I fell in love with writing when I applied as a writer in our college magazine.  I’m glad that I was mentored by wonderful individuals who taught us to write for a purpose – to share knowledge, to practice by free-writing on a regular basis, to write with facts and not with hearsays, to confidently interview subjects (entrepreneurs, artists, deans, experts, etc.), and to welcome continuous learning.  As an apprentice writer, the passion to write bloomed in my heart that when I started working in the corporate world, I landed a job in writing for a business newspaper.  However, because of some uncontrollable circumstances, I had to look for another job and landed on different fields – leasing, business development.

Nevertheless, my love for writing never ceased.  I even attempted to submit a novel some eight years ago to a local publishing house, which declined my first draft.  It was also 8 years ago since I received this invitation from the publishing house to attend their free workshop on writing.  But I never attended, I never grabbed the offer!


Today, my dream to write a novel or a book still lives on.

You might find writing boring, but I find it too exciting that writing is like eating, like breathing fresh air, like drinking water for me.  Here are some of the reasons why I love to write:

1.    I write because I want to communicate to an audience without being judged.  Unlike in other platforms, speaking, people are being judged by their looks, by their family name… In writing, I can easily communicate with the audience without them knowing who I really am, what I eat for breakfast, what brand of toothpaste I use – in short, my readers don’t have to know me personally.

2.    I write because I want to speak my mind.  When I write, nobody can interrupt me.  It’s like living in a different dimension.  It’s like sitting inside a bullet-proof and sound-proof room.

3.    I write because I want to learn.  In writing, before a material is finished, one must learn multitude of information on the subject first.  I want to learn a lot of things, that is why I write if it is the only way to oblige myself to pursue my subject.

4.    I write because I want to leave a legacy.  I want the future generation to benefit from bits of information that I share in my articles, blogs, and future books.  I want to leave something for those who share the same passion with me – lifelong learning.

How about you, what is your reason for writing?

Living, writing, learning,


Mumay’s (attempt on) Smartphone Photography

Inspired by my hubby’s Smartphone Photography, I pushed my luck yesterday and tried to use my smartphone to take these shots.

Chili powder from my favorite Japanese restaurant!


Tissue, please! 20130829_114640

This is it, pancit!!!


Bluer than blue, cooler than blizzard!


There you go!  Recent photos taken from my attempt on this new hobby!  🙂

Enjoying a new learning,

Grateful for today – August 30, 2013

thank you


949 of 1,000:  Thank you for the new discoveries that demystified some beliefs that I held true for so many years.  It is sometimes, really good to look at the other side of the coin.

950 of 1,000:  Thank you for the new hobby I am starting to like – photography.  I’m so happy to recently discover how to do macro shot using my smartphone.

951 of 1,000:  Thank you for the coffee this morning which helped me stay awake despite of being deprived of sleep for the past few days.

952 of 1,000:  Thank you that I earn money in good faith.  I pay my taxes with strong belief that it will be put to good use.

953 of 1,000:  Thank you for the magnificent outcome of this work-week.  Happy to finally relax and stay longer on bed this weekend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

954 of 1,000:  Thank you for that I’m rewarded with accomplishments of most of my tasks even if it meant having less sleep.

955 of 1,000:  Thank you that many circumstances now lead to improving our income streams.

956 of 1,000:  Thank you that I’m now a month away from paying off two of my loans.  Hooray for extra money!  Hooray for more happy monies!  And hooray for additional investments!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Grateful for today – August 27, 2013


939 of 1,000:  Thank you for the wonderful and relaxing weekend with my family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

940 of 1,000:  Thank you for the happy returns of my happy monies.

941 of 1,000:  Thank you for new challenges that open new doors of opportunities.

942 of 1,000:  Thank you that my toddler is a fast-learner.  I’m such a happy and proud mom!

943 of 1,000:  Thank you that I am committed to low-information diet and I no longer stress myself from unnecessary things.

944 of 1,000:  Thank you for my hubby who didn’t forget to buy me “office baon.”  Happiness!

945 of 1,000:  Thank you for the abundant Tuesday!  We’ve accomplished enough and received more than enough blessings already !  Thank you, thank you, thank you.