My affirmation for today – September 30, 2013


I am organized. I plan and start with an end in mind.

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” I make it a point that I am fully aware of what I want to do and how I want my future to be.


A Marketing Lesson: Etihad’s Flying Nanny

This month, Etihad Airways introduced their new concept for childcare assistance programme on all of their long-haul flights – the Flying Nanny.  According to Etihad, “The Etihad Flying Nannies are cabin crews who received additional training from Norland College, the world leader in training childcare professionals.”


Screen capture from Etihad’s Newsletter

The assistance will be offered onboard and on the ground to provide additional assistance on passengers that are travelling with children.  They can be easily distinguished because they are wearing orange aprons.  The Flying Nannies will provide services such as:

  • Assistance from the boarding gate until the passengers (adult and children) are comfortably seated on the plane
  • Onboard assistance with the preparation of bassinets for infants
  • Assistance on unaccompanied minors
  • Entertain children while their parents are taking a nap, having an in-flight meal, or enjoying an entertainment

I’m glad that last year (see my blog post: Europe, At last!!!) , I was given a chance to fly on business class via Etihad Airways on my way to a workshop in Berlin.  It was, indeed, a one-of-a-kind experience – something that reminds me to aim for financial freedom so I can share the same experience with my family.

Apart from the experience, it is also a good indication that more service companies are extending extra efforts to be more customer-centered and –focused to the needs of their clients.  Indeed, one of the advantages of having a market saturated with competitors.


My selfie on-board Etihad

Learning marketing bits by bits,

What happened to the bullies? (My POV on bullying…)

At many stages in my life, I met several bullies.  I also experienced being bullied at different stages of my life.

Bully No. 1 = The Old Woman
She is a manicurist by profession and a choir leader by passion.  I joined a choir group when I was younger, but this woman used to bully me by embarrassing me whenever I sing (which is out-of-tune most of the time).  I hated myself that time.  I dread the days of our choir practices because of her.

Today:  I’ve come a long way since then, I’ve learned to stand up and to defend myself when I sense a bully around.  I live a better life now (but don’t ask my singing voice, ok!).  The last time I heard about the “old woman,” she is still a manicurist.  Though I’m not sure how many she had bullied after me.


Photo from Fotolia

Bully No. 2 = Tigress Trapped in a Kitten’s Body
She’s a classmate way back in highschool.  She looks like a nice, tiny little kitten.  But hidden is a crooked, bad witch who stole the poem I wrote.  She read my poem aloud in front of all our classmates.  She even edited and highlighted the grammatical errors in my poem.

Today:  I write better articles, though I stopped writing poems.  I’m still learning and enhancing my writing skills through office correspondences, blogging, etc.  As for her, I’ve seen her Facebook posts lately and I can spot all the grammatical errors on her posts.  It made me think, “What happened?  Has she stopped learning?”

Bully No. 3 = Insecure Supervisor
Before she was promoted as a supervisor, she used to work as an accounting staff for ten years.  She was my supervisor when I was still working as a clerk in one of the biggest malls in the country.  I remember one instance when a former officemate visited her.  She and her friend invited our other colleague for a lunch-out at a local Japanese fast food.  She even singled me out by saying, “Hindi ka kasama.”  (As if I wanted to join them!)  There were even more bullying instances before I finally left them when I was promoted and transferred to another mall after I finished my graduate studies.

Today:  I can eat at any Japanese restaurant I want.  But, I choose not to.  I still believe in home-cooking and try my best not to spend money on bad food loaded with cholesterol.  As for her, she is still stagnant in her position after over seven years.

Realizing the bullies I encountered in the past, I learned to look life in a different perspective.  I’ve learned that the inferior shouldn’t remain to be inferior for nobody is less important than anybody.  Each of us deserves to be given a chance to occupy a special place under the sun, to excel in our chosen field, and to live a happy and rewarding life.



Side Story:
When President Aquino finally signed the signed Republic Act 10627 or the “Anti-Bullying Act of 2013” last September 6, 2013, I am very happy that finally a law is in place that could limit, if not totally stop, the spread of bullying instances in schools.


Grateful that the world is getting better,


My affirmation for today – September 27, 2013



I recognize that every end is an opportunity to start anew.

I will not let my past mistakes or mishaps interfere with the kind of beginning I plan to start today. It’s funny that everyone is given a chance to start anew and afresh, but there are very few who grab the opportunity to take the challenge on changing for the better and making a better start.

Excited for a brand new start,

My affirmation for today – September 24, 2013



I will be the change I want to see in the world.

I am responsible to honestly and diligently pay my taxes regardless of the many pork barrel scams, regardless of how suspicious our politicians are, regardless of how inefficient some government offices are…

I firmly believe that if I wish to see a change in the world, that change should begin from myself. I am doing my part so that I can sleep well at night and live a guilt-free life.