How do you measure your happiness?

Do you sometimes ask yourself why you are working hard only to receive a meager salary and working doubly hard to make ends meet while some enjoy a 6-digit salary and all the perks?  Do you sometimes wonder why you live in a small bungalow while others live in a three-story-thousand-hectares mansion?  Do you question why you always have to wait for items to go on sale before you can buy while others can buy premium-priced-designer items anytime they want?

Not surprisingly, people measure their happiness by comparing themselves with others.  Some measure their happiness based on what the television ads, on what their colleagues tell them, and on the price of the food they had for lunch.

Sharing with you one of Bo’s articles I received few days ago.


How do you begin your day?

I begin by saying, “This is a great day!  Great blessings will come to me today!”

Because I believe we’re prophets.  And what we say happens.

If you wake up grumbling and say, “What bad luck will happen today?” that’s what you’ll get.  Because the universe will deliver what you expect it to deliver.

Here’s an example.

Because of my work, I take a lot of plane trips.

And I enjoy them.

Whenever the stewardess gives me food, I say, “This comes from you, Lord.”

When I recline my seat, I say, “Wow!  I can lean back and relax.  Ahhhh!”

When they show a movie in the plane, I say “What a treat!”


Photo by Fotolia

Some people don’t ride the plane like that.

I see their eyes always looking towards the great divide between the economy class and the first class.

When the stewardess serves their food in plastic plates, they’ll say, “First class passengers get their food in porcelain with a real silver spoon and fork.”

And when they recline their seats, they grumble, “It doesn’t lean back enough.  In first class, seats adjust all the way to 90 degrees.”  And when the movie starts showing, they say, “In first class, they have a choice of seventy films in their personalized video.”

This crazy attitude doesn’t only happen in planes.

It happens in life.  Everyday.

People go around living in houses and driving in cars and wearing clothes that they don’t want because they always look for what they don’t have.

Everyday, I try to remind myself that I’m always in first class—no matter where I am!  Why?  Because in my mind, there are no second-class blessings.


Assignment: Try this out tomorrow.  When you wake up, jump out of bed and shout, “This is a great day.  Great blessings will come to me today!”  And throughout the day, thank God for everything that you receive.   You’ll be surprised how different your day will be.

Live in first class wherever you are.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez


8 + 3 Years and Counting!

Last week, I was invited to the wedding of a friend/former colleague in Caleruega Church, Nasugbu, Batangas (I think the church is located at the boundary of Nasugbu and Tagaytay).  It was a beautiful wedding.  Apart from the fact that it seems to be an expensive wedding, the gorgeous couple, and the colorful red and gold motif, the wedding is beautiful because of the ceremony itself.


Despite the cold weather, the entire ceremony warmed the hearts of all those who attended the wedding.  Although I am not a Catholic, I love a part of the priests’ homily when he explained the reason behind the red and gold motif  Here’s an excerpt: “Gold means fulfillment of dreams and red means keeping of a promise they made for each other.”  The ceremony lasted for more than two hours but I never got bored.

I realized that most married couples should make it a habit or an exercise to attend at least one wedding once a year.  I felt it is a good exercise that will help couples to rekindle their love for each other and remind them how it was when they just started – exchanging marriage vows in front of everyone, including God.  It will remind them that they promised to love each other for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health.


My Love Story: 🙂

I and hubby are celebrating our third year wedding anniversary today.  We’ve been together for more than 11 years already (8 years in bf-gf relationship and 3 years as husband and wife).


Our photo showing off our engagement watch, taking over three years ago


Taken during our wedding exactly three years ago


Hubby and I with our bundle of joy

Admittedly, I’m not a conventionally-sweet wife.  My hubby actually tells me that I’m too stiff, too suplada, and too mataray when he feels like starting a fight (which doesn’t happy always).  My hubby always exerts effort in reaching out and understanding me despite all my shortcomings.

Truly, I’m blessed, lucky, and fortunate to have him as a lifetime partner and a father to my son.


Always in love and happy,

Spread the Word: Let’s Join Hands in Finding Tarin!

I saw a Facebook post few days after the super typhoon “Yolanda” hit the Philippines – it was a search for the 3-year old boy named Tarin Sustento who is missing (up to this day) after both his parents and his grandmother died due to the storm surge in Tacloban City.  Tarin is the son of the tattoo artist and bassist of Kadangyan – Agit Sustento.

As a mom to a two-year old boy, my heart melted upon seeing this photo of a young boy whose family is one of those that the super typhoon tore apart.  My heart breaks into pieces wondering how Tarin could survive the storm surge, but as his relatives wish, I also fervently wish that he did survive.  I realized that my sympathy for Tarin and his family shouldn’t stop with just me feeling sad and sorry for what happened.  I realized that I should put my sympathy to action.

Thus, I’m sharing the photos of Tarin I obtained from different social networking sites in support of the Tarin Bindo Sustento Search which was started by his mom’s younger sister.








Friends, I’m asking you to spare a minute of your time to spread the word on Tarin Bindo Sustento Search.  Sharing with you Geo Sustento’s (Tarin’s mom) last FB post few days before she died.  I hope that Tarin survived and grow up to read his mom’s post someday.  Such a wonderful woman who lived and enjoyed life to the fullest.


Let us join hands in finding Tarin.  Let’s not allow his parents die in vain who died trying to save their son.  Let’s pray and hope that God saved him and that he is currently in good hands.  I can’t wait for the moment to see in the news that he is reunited with his loved ones.

Hoping for the best,

Goodbye, Brian O’ Conner!

Over a week ago, I asked my hubby to download the Fast and Furious movies (from the first installment down to the last).  I really loved the movie Fast and Furious – the adrenaline rush, the excitement, and the thrill that it brings whenever I watch them.

I was about to start the third installment – Tokyo Drift, when I received a phone call from hubby telling me that Paul Walker (Brian O’ Conner) died on a vehicular accident.  I thought, it was just a hoax, until I saw the news over the internet regarding Paul’s tragic death.paul

According to the news, at approximately 3:30pm on November 30, 2013, Paul and his friend Roger Rodas who is driving a red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT crashed into a light pole in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California.  Shortly after, the car burst into flames killing both of them – Paul on combined traumatic and thermal injuries.  Ironically, Paul came from a charity event for his foundation Reach Out Worldwide that will help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

As many fans mourn over the sudden death of Paul, I stumbled upon this photo shared by one of my Facebook friends.  It’s  a compilation of photos of Paul’s only daughter to his one time girlfriend, Rebecca Soteros.  The 16-year old Meadow Walker, poured out her emotions on her Instagram account.

paul walker

Paul’s death may be a big loss in Holywood, especially in the Fast and Furious franchise, but the empty space he left in his daughter’s life will surely be irreplaceable.  As Meadow Walker said, “You left me when I was not done growing up, I need you to help me and guide me…”

Surely, nobody can be prepared enough on a loved one’s death.  A reminder to live life to the fullest and to make each moment of our lives extraordinarily special.


Photo from Fotolia


Ways on How to Love your Job, Revealed!

Bored? Demotivated?  Used? Abused?  Do you currently use these words to describe your situation when asked about your work?

Are you torn between leaving your current job and staying just for employment stability purposes?  Do you feel like losing your self-esteem because you feel that you don’t get much credit from your work as much as your boss capitalizes on your outputs to get a better raise and a promotion?  Do you feel that your needs are being set aside by your company and that your superiors are only after having you get the job done no matter what the cost?

Admittedly, there are moments in my life that I entertain negative thoughts like this.  However, these thoughts are so powerful that they creep in to my soul causing me sickness, disappointments, and further trouble.  I feel blessed that I stumbled upon this book written by the best-selling author of inspirational and self-help books.  The book “You can heal your life” really did its amazing job in healing my life.  It’s like a best friend, a confidante, and an adviser that you can bring along with you wherever you go.



Here’s an excerpt from the book where Louise Hay talked about “Work.”

“I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.”

Wouldn’t you love to have the above affirmation be true for you?  Perhaps you have been limiting yourself by thinking some of these thoughts:

I can’t stand this job.

I hate my boss.

I don’t earn enough money.

They don’t appreciate me at work.

I can’t get along with the people at work.

I don’t know that I want to do.

This is negative, defensive thinking.  What kind of good position do you think this will get you?  It is approaching the subject form the wrong end.

work affirmation

Photo by Fotolia

If you are in a job you don’t care for, if you want to change your position, if you are having problems at work, or if you are out of work, the best way to handle it is this:

Begin by blessing your current position with love.  Realize that this is only a stepping stone on your pathway.  You are where you are because of your own thinking patterns.  If “they” are not treating you the way you would like to be treated, then there is a pattern in your consciousness that is attracting such behavior.   So, in your mind, look around your current job or the job you had last, and being to bless everything with love – the building, the elevators, or stairs, the rooms, the furniture, and equipment, the people you work for and the people you work with – and each and every customer.

Begin to affirm for yourself that, “I always work for the most wonderful bosses.”  “My boss always treats me with respect and courtesy,” and, “My boss is generous and easy to work for.”  This will carry forward with you all your life, and if you become a boss, then you be like that, too.

If you want to leave your job, then begin to affirm that you release your current job with love to the next person who will be delighted to have it.

Know that there are people out there looking for exactly what you have to offer, and that you are being brought together on the checkerboard of life even now.

If there is someone at work who bother you, again bless them with love every time you think of them.  In each and every one of us is every single quality.  If this person is critical, begin to affirm that he or she is loving and full or praise.  If he or she is grouchy, affirm that this person is cheerful and fun to be around.  If he or she is cruel, affirm that this person is gentle and compassionate.  If you see only good qualities in this person, then that is what he or she has to show to you, no matter what behavior is displayed toward others.

Louise Hay

Photo by Fotolia

If you like your job but feel you are not getting paid enough, then begin to bless your current salary with love.  Expressing gratitude for what we already have enables it to grow.  Affirm that you are now opening your consciousness to a greater prosperity and that part of that prosperity is an increased salary.  Affirm that you deserve a raise, not for negative reasons, but because you are a great asset to the company and the owners want to share their profits with you.  Always do the best you can on the job, for then, the Universe will know that you are ready to be lifted out of where you are to the next and even better place.


Having read Louise Hay’s book, I am reminded to be more grateful with my blessings, more generous in sharing what I have – my talents, my earnings, and even my love and compassion, and more positive with my perspective about life, relationships, money and career.


Healing my life,

The Alchemist: On Pursuing One’s Dream

alchemist book

Screen capture from

I have heard of the book Alchemist many years back, but I wasn’t able to find time to read the book until over a month ago.  It is said that the author, Paulo Coelho, wrote this book in only two weeks because according to him, “the story was already written in his soul.”  The Alchemist originally written in Portuguese, but has been translated into at least 56 languages.  Also, the book has sold more than 30 million copies making it one of the best-selling books in history and setting a Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.

The Alchemist is a story of an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago.  The shepherd, who is living in in a ruined church left his home town to travel to a nearby town where he asked a gypsy woman to interpret his recurring dream.  The gypsy woman told him that he needs to travel to find the treasure in the pyramids of Egypt.  Santiago met several characters along the journey – Melchizedek, the shopkeeper, the Englishman, Fatima, the Alchemist, and the Coptic Monk.  These people guided him towards discovering the elusive treasure.

darkest hour

Photo from Microsoft

Somewhere in the story, I got bored and stopped reading for days as there are some parts that is so extraordinary and fictional.  I’m glad that I decided to continue reading the book because it’s a very admirable book that gives encouragement on pursuing one’s dreams regardless of obstacles, and importance of holding onto one’s principles despite of the perplexities encountered.

Though, I disagree that the book is entitled “The Alchemist,” I’m blessed to have read this book at the time of my life that I really need something that will put me back on track towards pursuing my dreams.  I’m glad I’ve met a dreamer by the name of Santiago who is willing to pursue his dreams despite of losing an already comfortable and stable career.  I was reminded that “when I really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help me achieve it.”


Inspired to pursue my dreams,