Photo Books vs. Traditional Photo Albums

Do you love taking photos? Of yourself? Of majestic scenery and landscapes? Of your loved ones during family gatherings?

What do you do with the thousands of photos stored in your hard drive? Do you allow the whole world view them by uploading on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites? Or do you just spend hours staring at them on your computer screen, tablet, or mobile phone whenever you feel nostalgic?

With the advent of technology, gone are the days of bulky, traditional photo albums where your photographs are tucked in plastic sheets that often gathers dust in shelves. Today, an innovative way to store photos is readily available. Initially introduced as “coffee table books,” Photo books are like ordinary books that has distinctive binding and printing quality.


The following are the benefits of Photo Books versus the traditional way of storing photographs:

  1. Photo Books are maintenance-free and requires less caring. Compared to the traditional albums where after some time the plastic sheets tend to get torn not to mention that photos can be easily lost or removed from the album, Photo books are sturdy, easy to store and clean.
  2. Photo Books have glossy inner pages that are water-resistant. This characteristic even increases the shelf life of the book compared to the traditional photo albums that there is a noticeable slight discoloration of photographs even with proper handling.
  3. Photo Books are presentable and are effective way in entertaining guests. Unlike the old, dusty traditional photo albums, party hosts can do last minute hosting duties (drinks, last minute food preparation, etc.) while keeping the guests entertained with less supervision.
  4. Photo Books can be created online, at the comfort of your own home, using free software from Photo Book companies. Take for example this free software from Wecreate Photobooks (, you can upload images from an online album to the software to make a book of your photos. Most photo book software are easy to use with wide variety of choices on sizes, layouts, designs, etc.
  5. Photo Books are great gift options. It is affordable and can be personalized to a great extent. They can be presented as token on a number of occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or send-off parties.



A photo book is an excellent way of preserving the memories of the past – family vacation, wedding, graduation, birthday, and the like. With a little creative mind, one can create a sophisticated photo book that will keep photographs that last forever.

Undeniably, the popularity of photo book is increasing day by day due to its practicality and immense usage. Photo books are gaining popularity because they are cost effective, easy to make and store alternative of traditional photo albums.

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