Why can’t you be happy?

It’s been a looooooooooonnnnng while since I went on a blogging hiatus. I’ve been pre-occupied with a job application lot of things that I suddenly became too lazy to write even a single paragraph. Also, I’ve been busy with my son’s medical treatment for that stupid, recurring sties that don’t leave his eyes (More on this on my future blogs)… Ahhhhhhh! Life has been crazy and terrible during the past months. I’m just grateful that my loved ones are always there for me as I face all these rough patches. Little by little things are turning out great for me and great things are slowly uncovering.

To walk you through the past terribly-crazy-yet-life-changing months of my existence, I’d like to share with you how I went through everything with grace and so much strength. Something you might also find very useful when, God forbid, you are faced with adversities.

Redirect your focus onto something fruitful
It doesn’t give the solution, but focusing on other things (say, reading books in my case) helped me relax. Writing this blog, I was reminded of my son’s favorite Barney song, “Books are fun, books are great. Let’s sit down with a book today.” I realized that it is so hard to face a problem when you are already tired, exhausted, and stressed out. So, muster enough strength first (by doing the things you love) before you face those Goliath-sized problems. Surely, you’ll be that little, migPicture2hty David who will conquer your problems with just one stone.


Have a constant companion who has big elephant ears
There are days that I don’t want someone giving me any advice, I just want someone who is always willing to listen to all my rants. Sometimes, that companion doesn’t have to be a person. In my case, it’s a diary. I kept this notebook where I wrote stories to my son, narrating him what is going through with my life and how slowly, but surely, mommy overcame those challenges. I wish to share him that notebook he’s old enough to understand me.

Never lose faith in God
Admittedly, I grew farther away from God in the past months. Though I never came to a point of blaming him for all my misfortune. (Even the sound itself sucks!) Recently, I and hubby started again our nightly prayer and it is even less than a week that God answered few of our prayers. This reminded me to learn to wholeheartedly accept everything from God (challenges, included).

It helps to compare sometimes
There are days that I felt like I’m the most unfortunate creature on earth. Working hard as I try to make ends meet, feeling isolated by friends, and other issues that are created by my negative thoughts. Yet, when I look around I realize that there are people who are experiencing far greater problems than I have. Some are battling against serious illnesses, some just lost their loved ones, some are financially unstable that they end up piling up their mortgages… But these people remained happy. Why can’t I be happy? Why can’t you be happy?

In the end, it’s our perspective that defines us – for those negative or positive thoughts shape our future. Like my favorite quote for today, “What you think, you become.” I feel that we owe it to ourselves to think, believe, and entertain only positive thoughts, feelings, people in our lives.




Stay positive,