If you Love to Shop… DON’T Read This!

STINGY. If there’s an adjective that will best describe me as a spender, that will be it! Growing up to an OFW father and an Ilocana mother, I learned how to handle money at an early age. I learned that money is not easy to earn, and that earning a lot of it doesn’t guarantee having enough.

I neither came from a well-off household nor from an extremely poor family living in slums, but I have vivid memories of instances in my life that taught me how to wisely spend money. Way back in college, when most of my friends and classmates would wear branded jeans like “Guess” and “Bench” during washdays, my savings from my baon could only buy unknown, yet sturdy jeans that will last a lifetime (unless I get fat). So it is a challenge also for me to buy long shirts or blouses that will hide the funny brand name located at the back of my jeans. Crazy! But looking back, I can’t help at how this experience taught me to manage my resources well (creativity included).

Today, as my income grew more than 10x higher than when I started working 12 years ago, I still do not have a pair of “Guess” jeans. But, I do have some “Bench” jeans which I bought during mall inventory sales. Probably, I never love shopping at all! I never love seeing my money spent on what Robert Kiyosaki calls doodads.

Doodads are those material possessions that we spend our money on that are really liabilities. Like that luxury car that is really beyond your current means. Or that new television set that you just had to have. Or as simple as that new DVD.

Yet, recently I got addicted into allocating a portion of my salary into shopping for stocks. Starting with a meager initial investment of Php 5,000, I now hold interest in banks, construction companies, power-generating corporations, real estate companies, and big conglomerates. Though my shares are very minute compared to the likes of wealthy business tycoons. I’m proud at how I’m slowly learning to take charge of my retirement fund…


Just recently, I sold my shares 30% higher than my initial investment in the country’s biggest food ingredients provided to companies like Universal Robina and Jollibee. Though my shares are just a few. I can’t help but daydream and ask questions, “What if I invested Php 100,000 in that company? I should be 30,000 richer by now!” What if I invested Php 1 million? I should be Php 300,000 richer now!” But I never dwell on that because I know that I’m investing based on the Strategic Averaging Method. This, I already shared on my earlier blog.

It’s true… I’m stingy because I don’t buy expensive clothes, I don’t buy designer shoes, I don’t buy luxurious jewelry, and I still don’t buy expensive jeans… But, I feel more financially free than most people I know. How about you? Do you love to shop?


On my way to financial freedom,


Finally, Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Full Trailer!

It was also the same month last year when I read and wrote a review on the much-talked-about novel of E.L. James.  I was expecting that the movie will be shown this year, but to my dismay there were several changes in casts that delayed the shoot and the release of the movie.

Finally, after 1 year of patiently waiting… The full-trailer is out!  See it here:

While there are so many negative comments on the choice of the stars who will portray the roles of literature student Anastasia Steele and billionaire Christian Grey, I still can’t help but get excited.

I never saw any of the previous movies of Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) but I feel that they are also fit for their roles.  Or maybe, I’m just too excited to see the novel’s adaptation on the big screen… It doesn’t matter!

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the trailer!


Too excited,

A Mom’s Compelling Reason to be Healthy

I LOVE TO EAT!!! In fact, when I asked my husband what he thinks is my guilty pleasure, he was sooooooo honest to tell me, “FOOD!”  I feel that there’s a a grain of truth in his answer.  Funny while other ladies enjoy shopping for new clothes, shoes, and jewelry, I enjoy grocery shopping to buy ingredients of dishes I plan to cook on weekends.

Yes, I love food!  But I don’t evicky-quote-1njoy eating food as much as I enjoy watching people devouring the food I cooked.  I’m such a fan of homecooking.  Though, I’m guilty of not finding time to do an exercise.  Is chasing a 2-year old toddler considered an exercise?  If yes, then I consider myself fit.  Hahaha!

Kidding aside, I honestly believe that parents should be responsible in looking after the health not just of their kids, but of themselves as well.  This, I always tell myself when I think of opening a bag of chips, popping a can of soda, and finishing off a bar of chocolate.

Few days ago, when I was reading some of Bo’s articles that are piling up in my email ad’s Inbox, I saw this article that is worth sharing…


by Bo Sanchez

Danny was overweight by 55 pounds.

For the longest time, he wanted to start an exercise program. Specifically, he wanted to take a walk every morning. Danny had all the logic in the world — because he was a doctor. His neocortex was brimming with the right information. He knew all the facts. He read all the books. He knew all the statistics. He knew the lectures.

But no matter how “logical” his reason was to lose weight, he never kept his exercise program. Because his pillow was soft. And the blanket was warm. And the bed was so inviting…

But one day, something happened. Danny was at home, sipping his coffee as he read the newspaper.

That was when his little eight-year-old girl, wearing a pretty princess dress, complete with a shiny crown on her curly hair and pink high heels on her feet, walked up to him and said, “Daddy!”

“What?” Danny asked, while still reading the newspaper, “Daddy!” she shouted louder.

“What is it?” he asked again, still reading.

That was when his little princess pushed down his newspaper, stared straight at her father’s face, and said, “Daddy, will you still be alive when I get married?”

Suddenly, everything stopped for Danny. The walls, the ceilings, all the furniture at home became a giant blur — except for his girl in front of him, asking him this terrifying question.

When she said those words, he felt intense pain. It was so real, it was as if someone planted a sharp dagger into his chest.

Slowly, a very vivid picture grew in his mind. He saw himself walking down a church aisle, beside his daughter, now a beautiful young woman, and giving her away to a well-dressed monster waiting at the altar…

He also realized how he needed to live a long life.

Because who will protect his little girl from unscrupulous suitors? In his mind, he devised a plan: The moment a suitor — any suitor — knocked on the door, he’d open it, and without any warning, simply punch the punk on his solar plexus. As the punk crumples to the ground, curling in pain, he’d say in a low growling voice, “You haven’t done anything wrong yet. Wait till you do…”

The next morning, Danny went out to walk. And the next day, he walked again. And the day after. Before long, he was jogging, running. Two years later, he still runs every morning. So far, he’s lost 30 pounds.

Logic didn’t change him. But he found an emotional reason big enough to make him change.

Fight the Good Fight!

In the past, I never write something about a book unless I’m already done reading it.  Though, I seldom (almost never) read synopsis of books I choose to read, I’m not comfortable recommending or ranting about a certain book unless I’m done reading up to its last pages.

The Pilgrimage

Yet, I consider Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage as an exception.  I’m not yet even half-way through with the novel, but I have gained so much bits of wisdom already.  One of which is just so apt for what I’m feeling right now.  Here it goes:

“The good fights is the one that’s fought in the name of our dreams.

When we’re young and our dreams first explode inside us

with all of their force, we are very courageous,

but we haven’t yet learned how to fight.

With great effort, we learn how to fight, but by then we no longer

have the courage to go into combat.

So we turn against ourselves and do battle within.

We become our own worst enemy.

We say that our dreams were childish, or too difficult to realize,

or the result of our not having known enough about life.

We kill our dreams because we are afraid to fight the good fight.”


Though I’m not a very religious person and I’m growing tired of Paulo Coelho’s writing (Oooopppssss!  Am I supposed to say that?), I feel committed into finishing this novel.  Who knows what additional words of wisdom I will stumble upon reading this.


Fighting the good fight,