My Favorite Quotes

I love quotes!  I guess, that’s one of the many reasons why I love reading books.  I love the wisdom and wonderful quotes that I pick when reading.  That’s why it’s very hard for me to choose and decide which of my favorite quotes to share on this blog.

Probably, I will just share these two quotes resting on my station in the office.  The first one is this decor from a friend and former office mate as a souvenir when she resigned and left for Canada.  I wholeheartedly believe that once achievement is important, but nothing compares to the importance of the relationships and learning throughout the journey or process.


Another favorite is the quote I found on the book written by Sheryl Sandberg – Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.  This is a wake-up call for me since sometimes I tend to aim for perfection.  So I kept a print-out of this quote in my work station.


How about you?  What quotes inspire you?


Remain inspired,


20 Facts About Me

Now on my Day 2 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge, you will get to know me better.  🙂  Hooray!  I wish I could change the title to “Unleash the Blogger’s Dark Secrets.”  But, no!  Let’s stick to the milder version of the title:  “20 Facts About Me.”

Without prolonging the introduction and because I have nothing else to say.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present you the 20 (random) Facts About Mumay:

That's how thin I am gazillion of years ago! :-(

That’s how thin I am gazillion of years ago! 😦

  1. My favorite color is yellow
  2. Thus, my favorite flower is sun flower or any yellow-colored flower (yellow rose is beautiful!)
  3. My waistline used to be 24″; But after one C-section and loads of carbs, my waist awfully measures 30″ as of yesterday.  Yikes!
  4. I’m not a music lover.  But if I have to choose a genre, I’ll go for reggae. Red red wine you make me feel so fine….
  5. I love the beach… So my ideal vacation would be somewhere near the beach…
  6. If there’s one sport that I would like to be good at, it will be swimming!
  7. I’m a frustrated performer – I dreamt of being a pianist, a theater artist, a model, a gymnast! Hahaha!  Those were the days…
  8. I wrote a love letter to my college crush using the pseudonym “Damsel in Distress” sssssshhhhhh
  9. I love thin-crust pizzas!
  10. I hate pineapple as a fruit, but pineapple juice is okay
  11. I don’t know how to use chopsticks 🙂
  12. I dream of writing a novel someday…
  13. I’m one of those few people who never dreamed of living in Canada or US for good.  I love my home country!  I love the Philippines!
  14. My grade in English sucks when I was in high school… I got a flat 82% from first grading to fourth grading.
  15. If there’s one song that I would love to master and sing in a karaoke, it would be Dianne Reeves’ Better Days.
  16. My favorite chocolate is Butterfinger
  17. Unlike other women, I’m not a fan of jewelry
  18. My shoe size is 8′ or 9′ depending on the shoe brand
  19. My favorite ice cream is any cheese-flavored gelato
  20. I’m such a cry baby!  I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad, I cry when I’m angry, I cry when I’m excited…

There you go!  The 20 random facts about me.

Image from Microsoft

Image from Microsoft


Let’s keep it a secret,

The Story Behind My Blog: Kwento Ni Mumay

Day 1 – I’m tempted to include this on the title.  But, I decided not to.  Why?  I just don’t want to include the day number on the title.  Period.  🙂

Anyway, I thought of several blog names before I finally decided to choose Kwento Ni Mumay.  Some I cannot remember anymore.  Here are some of the choices I can still remember:

Lakwatserang Kusinera – because I love to travel (if my schedule and finances will allow) and I looooooooove cooking with the inner depths of my soul;  Kidding aside, I see cooking as a good form of therapy.  It relieves you from stress, it uses all your senses thus keeping you too busy to focus on petty issues, and the appreciation of the food you cook is soothing.  However, I’m neither just a traveler nor a frustrated chef.  I’m also a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a dreamer… If I will be using that blog name, my topics might be limited only on travel and cooking, which I do not like.  So I had to scratch that Lakwatserang Kusinera off my list.


Different header studies for my blog in the past #remisniscing

Happy Mumay – let’s face it, no matter how I wish and try to be happy always…. it’s just NOT possible!  Plus, I thought that at one point, I will need to rant (indirectly with sarcasm) on some of my posts so I had to say goodbye to that Happy Mumay blog name.

Toot-a-doo – way back in college, I attended a writing workshop where we one of the speakers is a creative writer.  I remember him talking about this word – “Toot-a-doo” which (according to him) means focus.  To this date, I have tried searching the term in google but it never generated a definition or an association to the word focus.  I would love to have that as a blog name, yet I too, am confused where such term originated.  So, I bid that Toot-a-doo blog name goodbye.


Finally, I thought of the blog name – Kwento Ni Mumay for the following reasons:

  1. I loooooove to talk as much as I love cooking.  Most people thought I’m introvert.  Probably, they’re just confused with me not-wanting-to-talk-with-them silence vs. me being an introvert.  Anyway, I feel that I have a lot of stories to tell that some of my friends and most of the people I know are not interested to listen to.  Thus, I say hello to Kwento Ni Mumay blog name.
  2. The world is limitless.  I don’t want to limiting my topics based on the blog name that I will use.  Same reason why I didn’t push through with the Lakwatserang Kusinera blog name.  Thus, I say hello to Kwento Ni Mumay blog.
  3. Mumay is my warm and friendly name.  Mumay is different from the silent Kristene and serious hardworking KM.  So, when I speak or write as Mumay, I can assure you that I tell you unedited stories about myself and what concerns me.  Thus, I say hello to Kwento Ni Mumay blog.

How about you?  What is the story behind your blog?


I’m so back,

I’m back… Let’s drink to that!

hello blog

It’s been what?  Almost six months since I wrote my last blog.  Jeez!  I just can’t believe that it’s been half a year since I had the liberty of pouring my heart out, letting the creative juices spill out of my head, and putting my emotions into words…

I have always loved writing, but there are just some instances that kept me preoccupied during the past months (excuses, excuses, excuses).  I actually have a lot to share, to talk about, to write, to rant, to brag.  I just thought I reached a stumbling block that I can’t even manage to write or complete a single sentence.  In fact, I have an unfinished “draft” which waited for conclusion since August 2014.

Anyway, since it’s January – a time to move forward, to start anew, to make fresh starts, I’d like you to welcome back to my blog.  🙂

To start of, I saw this 30-day blogging challenge from, which I thought is very interesting.  For the next 30 days or so (hey!  I admit, there might still be cheat days that I won’t be able to write.  Especially on weekends, dedicated mommy here!) I will be writing topics related to this challenge.  It’s a no-brainer!  Just to help me get back on the blogging world.


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Happy to be back,