My Favorite Childhood Book

Day 12.  My favorite childhood book is not your typical fairytale and knight-in-shining armor kind of book that bemuse young adults about the topic of love and happily ever after.

20150804_125402Mine was a book entitled, “Missing Pieces” which I think I scored from a book sale.  It proudly survived three home transfers since I bought it 20 years ago and is kept safely on our bookshelf.  I only read it once but I can still remember one important life lesson it gave me:  Endings are closures;  It doesn’t “always” have to end happily.

It was great to travel and witness Jessie’s adventures and misadventures as she trace her roots.  It’s saddening how Jessie, abandoned as a child, endured the heart-breaking search for her father only to cowardly withdraw when she’s an arm away from her search.

The book's synopsis

The book’s synopsis

I was still a tween when I read the book and I could still remember how heartbreaking the journey was.

I know that when I read it again today, I will be reading it from a perspective of a matured woman and I know that the emotions will be different this time.  As a mom, it’s disheartening for me to witness any child to be abandoned by a parent to feel too coward to face rejection as he/she grows old.

Here’s a synopsis of the book in case you want to get a glimpse of the story.

I guess my favorite part of the book is the last part when Jessie promised to herself that when the day comes that she’ll be given a chance to speak to her father, she would say, “I just want you to know I’m related to you.  I just want you to know this is who I am, and this is how I turned out.”

Enjoy reading and learning,