What’s Inside Your Fridge

Day 13.  This photo sat for a very long time on my hard drive.  But, this neither mean that this photo is outdated not do I keep rotten and expired foods on our fridge.  For those who are close to me, they could attest that I’m frugal and that I try my best to keep inventory of necessities.

Picture1Now, let me tour (?) you inside my fridge.  It’s no that our fridge is a big as the Louvre Museum, it’s just that I like the though of “touring” inside a fridge.  =)  It’s like touring Antartica when you’re craving for an ice cream.

  1. Siomai – I’m in love with this food and can eat this everyday.  In fact, I used to eat this for breakfast when I was pregnant with my son.
  2. Liempo (Pork belly) – Okay, I bought an airfryer few months ago and I felt that it gave me the “license” to cook and eat liempo once in a while.
  3. French fries – For the same reason above, I can now eat french fries guilt-free with the help of my ever reliable airfryer which allows me to cook french fries without even a drop of cooking oil.
  4. Monterey’s Pork Sisig – Okay, I’m getting nervous now looking at my list from numbers 2 to 4.  But, cooked using an airfryer, the guilt slowly dies down. =)  Thanks to my airfryer!
  5. Some left-over food – I hate wasting food!  Probably, this is the reason why I’m gaining weight now is because I tend to eat my son’s left-over food to avoid wastage.  According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the global volume of food wastage is estimated at 1.6 billion tonnes of “primary product equivalents.” Total food wastage for the edible part of this amounts to 1.3 billion tonnes (http://www.fao.org).  I don’t want to be part of that statistics.
  6. Water, water, water and more water please!!!
  7. Egg – No-brainer food when you’re famished.  You can boil it, make a sunny-side up or prepare a scrambled egg.
  8. Sauces – Barbeque marinade and chili sauce
  9. Medicines and vitamins of my son with temperature requirement of less than 30 degrees Celsius (should be refrigerated based on the current Philippine temperature averaging at 32 to 34 degrees Celsius)
  10. Spreads – Most of the time cheese and peanut butter =)

I hope you were delighted by the “tour” inside our fridge.


Living life simply and happy,


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