Make your dreams happen…

Okay.  I’m shying away from my “30-day blogging challenge” topics today.

I could be a little emotional too.  Forgive me, if I do.

For more or less three months now, I’ve been very busy writing my first ever book.  Though it’s far from my long-time dream of writing a historical fiction novel, it’s still quite an accomplishment for me.

As many inspirational speakers say, “Don’t wait for your dreams to happen, make your dreams happen.”  So, I’m now doing my part – I’m making one of my dreams happen.

After enrolling in a 90-day writing class, spending numerous hours writing, and reading several materials related to my book’s topic, I was finally able to get my ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for my book.  An ISBN is a unique numeric commercial book identifier, which is important when you are publishing a book.

photo c/o the blogger

Photo c/o the blogger

Since I’m self-publishing my book, I had to do all the legwork.  I had to register my own publishing company.  I had to look for my own editor and negotiate for the rates and timelines.  I had to do rough design of the book myself before turning it over to my handsome artist (my hubby 🙂 ).  I had to contact a printer.  And yes, I and my hubby had to endure the back-breaking Metro Manila traffic to apply for ISBN at the National Library of the Philippines.

I’m not complaining.  In fact, I’m enjoying the entire process and am glad that I’m doing almost everything myself.

I know this is just the start of a new chapter of my life.

I know that there will still be a lot of stumbling blocks, but I’m sooooo ready!

As Chris Gardner said in the movie Pursuit of Happyness, “If you want something, go get it.  Period.”

No hesitations.  No excuses.  No turning back.


Making things happen,


3 Health Habits

Day 14.  I’m not a health buff.  If health buff means working out in a gym everyday and eating well-balanced meals, which means saying goodbye to chicharon (pork rind), liempo (grilled pork), ice cream and other foods dieters forbid us to consume.  I’m not against dieters, though!  In fact, I have huge respect for them for being too disciplined to stick to specific meal plans.

My current weight is ideal for my age and height by chance, not by choice.  Thanks to my genes!  However, my waist measures way over (or almost double… ssssssshhhhh!) my waistline during my teens.  But, my 30-day blogging challenge says that I should blog my 3 Health Habits… (Thank God I only need to share 3 health habits, otherwise, I’ll be lost for words already!)

Drink Lots of Water.  If there’s one health advice that I can follow without much effort, that will be drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday.  I can drink tons and tons of water without anybody reminding me to, and I’m not a

photo grabbed online; credits to the original owner of the photo

photo grabbed online; credits to the original owner of the photo

fan of flavored and carbonated drinks.  I also heard from somebody that drinking a glass of warm water in the morning or 30 minutes before taking any solid food, helps the digestive system.  Ever since I learned about that, I’ve been doing it for so many years already.  I can attest that it helped me to move (moving you-know-what…) regularly.

UTI has never been my problem as well since I’ve been drinking water and peeing regularly, which cleanses my bladder.  Increased water intake also help me lessen my food intake, thereby, managing my weight (a bit).

Sleep Like a Baby.  Most people who know me pretty well knows that my only luxury in life is a sound, uninterrupted sleep.  I can sleep for 8 hours and skip a meal.

photo grabbed from

photo grabbed from

This is true even when I was still single and deprived of sleep where I needed to spend an average of 5-hour travel to work.  At that time, I had to be resourceful extend my nap times while riding a bus, a jeepney, and yes, even a tricycle!

So, whenever I have the opportunity to snooze (during weekends and holidays) I make sure that I sleep like a baby.  Yes, those are the most refreshing and relaxing days of my life!

Say No to Stress.  I’m not a fan of YOLO (You. Only. Live. Once.)  thinking.   But there are certain instances that I use such statement.  Like, when:

photo from Fotolia

photo from Fotolia

  • “I don’t want to fret about trivial issues, after all, YOLO.”
  • “So what if it’s raining hard today and I have an early morning meeting?  YOLO!”
  • “It’s okay even if I missed my deadline, I won’t stress myself out because YOLO!”
  • and many more…

Yes, there are too many reasons to say, “Bye, bye stress!  I have only one life and I’m not letting you ruin it!”

Among the three, Saying No To Stress is my favorite.  After all, there are a lot of dreaded and life threatening diseases obtained because of too much dose of stress.


Enjoy life,


Project: Book Exchange for Kids

I’m such a lucky mom to have a son who loves books.  Probably, because it runs in the genes.  I’m a self-confessed book worm and a frustrated book writer as well (the latter is different topic altogether which I will tackle on my other blogs).

Letters, numbers, nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, fairy tales, bible stories… name it!  My son will surely enjoy those books.  So, when I saw an FB post from a friend/office mate, I got so excited so I’m sharing it also with you my friends.


Friends it’s just one book from you and you’re child or your nominated recipient gets to receive 36 books in return!  Let’s not break the chain and let’s build a world of young readers to become our future leaders!

If you’re interested to join this project, just leave your email address as a “Comment” and I’ll send you further details.


Yep! That’s myself and my toddler free reading in a bookstore during one of our Saturdates