It’s Fun, Fun, Fun at Sta. Elena Fun Farm!

Over a month ago (yes! that’s how long I delayed posting this blog), we went to the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena in Laguna for Marty’s “Moving Up Ceremony.”  Unlike the usual kids-in-toga-and-parents-in-formal-attire type of ceremony, kids and kids-at-heart alike enjoyed this ceremony/field trip.


For the kids, they enjoyed running around and learning from outside of the four walls of a classroom.  The kids enjoyed playing around, away from television and gadgets.  They were all restless and didn’t mind the weather.  Well, it’s not a typical hot afternoon at the Fun Farm because of the gigantic trees that blocked the scorching heat of the sun.


Our son, Marty, enjoyed the swing a lot with his classmate



Fishing is indeed a father-and-son bonding thing



All smiles for the carabao-drawn carriage, a first for our son Marty



Marty enjoyed riding the zipline too that he tried it several times over!!!


For the adults, it gave us time to commune with nature and enjoy quality time with our kids.  It was so much fun and the Php 300/head entrance fee is so worth it that we didn’t notice it was already time to go… Uh-oh!  Indeed, time flies sooooo fast when you’re having fun.

Yes, we don’t have a typical graduation or moving-up ceremony photo.  But I will definitely trade all the “could-have-been” ceremonial photos just to have a similar fine afternoon with my family.  🙂


Having loads of fun moments,


Where will you be in 5 years?

Day 15.  I missed blogging a lot.  I missed the joy it brings me for every written words.  Apart from my busy 2016, I must admit that I purposely delayed writing this blog because of the mandated topic I have to write about.  As you notice, my 30-day blogging challenge is taking years!  But, I swear not to stick to the topics until I finish the challenge.

Why did I purposely delay writing this blog?  First, because I dread answering this question.  Second, I dread telling the world of my plans.  So often times when I am asked with this question during job interviews, I always give the most ‘showbiz’ answer like: “I see myself having a flourishing career in your organization and continuously contributing to its growth.”  🙂  How corny!  Probably, the reason why I failed in some of my job interviews.  Haha!

Photo by the blogger

So, let me give you a glimpse of my future the non-‘showbiz’ way (while fervently praying that my boss won’t see this blog).

As a career woman, I see myself making my passion my profession.  I remember stumbling upon this question when I answered a survey:  “What will you be doing or where will you be working today if money is not an issue?”  My answers would always be, writing, reading, learning and teaching.  I’m the type of person who embraces new learning.  That’s why I’m not afraid of going out of my comfort zone, of starting projects from scratch, and of researching “How Tos.”  There is a wealth of possibilities with making my passion my profession.  But, I’d consider continuing to write and self-publishing books as part of my plans.  I say ‘continue’ because I was able to write and self-publish my first book last December 2015.

As a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a sister, I see myself having a wealth of opportunities to spend more time with my love ones. I see myself as the best mom, the best wife, the best daughter, and the best sister my family could ever have.  With this, I see myself building my own money machines – stocks, mutual funds, businesses, real estate investments.  Money machines that will allow me to earn passive income and will give me not just financial, but ‘social’ freedom.

Indeed, that’s 5 years, or 6 months, or 1,825 days, or 43,800 hours, or 2,628,000 minutes.  It doesn’t matter how you count by years, months, days, hours or minutes, what matters is how you enjoy this journey called life.

In the meantime, I allow myself to triumph, to fail, to dream, to succeed, to get disappointed.  That’s all part of the journey and I’m embracing it with all certainty that in five years… something beautiful is yet to unfold. (excited)

Enjoying the journey,

Gone Too Soon… Farewell, Courageous Caitie!

Almost a month ago, I stumbled upon the FB page created by her parents for Courageous Caitie when I stalked one of my acquaintances’ FB page.  At that time, she wasn’t diagnosed yet with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML) – a rare type of cancer that affects one in a million children in the U.S.  The photos posted by her parents on her FB page are disheartening. I can’t imagine how a 3-year old fragile, little girl managed to undergo all the lab tests, the pricks, the long hours in the hospital.

But the unwavering love of her family and courage of this little girl got me hooked that I ended up checking on her FB page as often as I can.  Their story is very inspiring especially those who are at the stage of their lives that are giving up, losing sight of their dreams, and battling their own monsters.

It’s heartbreaking to know that Caitie died yesterday after months of her courageous battle.   I don’t know their family personally but more than Caitie, I salute her parents for their strength despite what they’ve been through. She must have inherited her courage from her more courageous parents.


The photo that made me cry a river yesterday; Photo grabbed from:

If there’s one thing I learned from this story, that’s relieving my love for my family.  Caitie may not have stayed long enough with her parents – Feliz and well-known wedding photograper Jay Jay Lucas, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t enjoy the short time they had together.  It may sound hackneyed, but following Courageous Caitie’s battle reminded me to spend more quality time with my family.  It gave me a better look at my life right now and reminded me of my number one priority in life – my family.

Ending this blog, I’d like to share a quote from one of my favorite novels entitled Love, Anthony which was written by Lisa Genova (author of “Still Alice”).




Living life to the fullest,