Kids Often Teach Us Priorities

Unlike many kids his age, my son loves reading books.   Apart from playing blocks, action figures, and his dad’s robots, Marty finds reading our ultimate bonding session.  That’s why even as late as almost 12 midnight, I do my best to accommodate his requests for bedtime reading no matter how tired and exhausted I am.


During the past few days, I’ve been in and out of meetings and been spending longer hours in the office than the usual.  These are the days when the weight of my responsibilities take a toll on me.  These are the days when I just want to pack my things and go on a week-long vacation.  These are the days when I just want to scream on top my lungs, “I’m sooooo done with all these!  I’m taking a break!”  Which of course I’m not privileged enough to do at the moment.

Last Sunday night, my four-year old son was too clingy to ask me to go home early the following day.  He said, “Mommy, umuwi ka ng maaga bukas ha…”  I replied, “Maaga naman akong umuuwi ah…”  (I always go home early.)  Which is, of course, a lie because the earliest time I arrive home is seven o’ clock in the evening long after he finished eating his dinner.

Then we went on reading his books.

After reading, he made another request.  “Mommy, ibili mo ako ng bagong book bukas sa National bookstore ha…”  (Mommy, buy me a new book tomorrow at National bookstore).

This reminded me to challenge  him, so I told him, “‘Pag  bumili ako ng book bukas, hindi ako makakauwi ng maaga.” (If I buy a book tomorrow, I won’t be able to go home early).

Marty’s response surprised me, “Okay.  Uwi ka na lang ng maaga.”  (Okay.  Don’t buy me a new book.  Just go home early tomorrow.)

Really!  My son’s response surprised me.  I’ve been so pre-occupied with work and with my upcoming maternity leave preparations that I didn’t realize how my son longs to spend more time with me.   Indeed, no toy, no amount of money, no decent clothes, and no expensive travels can replace the precious time we spend with our family.

I’m such a lucky and proud mom to have a son who is mature enough to remind me of what our life’s top priority should be – our family.


Grateful and proud mom,


“In the end, kid’s won’t remember that fancy toy or game you bought for them.  They will remember the time you spent with them.”
– Kevin Heath


Yes, I’m Expecting Baby Number 2!!!

A lot of friends and acquaintances I met during the past weeks are surprised seeing me with a baby bump.  Some can’t even contain their shock and would even comment, “Buntis ka pala!” (“I didn’t know you were pregnant!”).  I don’t understand why there is a need to hype someone else’s pregnancy.  But probably with the increasing usage of social media for wedding announcements, travel diaries, OOTDs, and even just to share to the world your “hey-I-just-bought-a-new-expensive-shoes” announcement, a lot of pregnant moms can’t help but share their journey online.

I’m now on my 26th week and this is the first time I’m officially sharing my journey with baby number 2.  It all started when I bought an over-the-counter pregnancy test kit and took a test on the morning of December 18, 2015 because I was suspecting something due to fatigue and nausea that I’m experiencing. Lo and behold, the two red lines confirmed my suspicion!

My version of an epic I’m-going-to-be-a-mom (again) announcement 🙂

Unlike my first pregnancy, this one is well-planned, though a bit hard at the onset.  My pregnancy with my first-born is such a breeze… Things went too fast that I didn’t even notice I’m already on my third trimester.  This time, I had experienced spotting and had to stay in bed for one week.  Blame it on my age!  Good thing, I was on vacation leave for the December holidays.


No Tutu, No Pink Dresses, No Princess-Inspired Parties

Another surprise on this pregnancy is the gender of the little one inside my tummy.

Since our first-born is a boy, we were expecting that we’ll be blessed with a girl this time.  Although I keep saying that whatever the gender of our baby is, it’s okay with me as long as he/she is healthy.  I was probably wayyyyyyyyyyy too confident that we’ll have a baby girl.  What most mom call their mini-me’s.

But over a month after knowing our second child’s gender, reality sinks in… Yes, we’re having a boy!  There will be no tutu, no pink dresses, no princess-inspired parties, no debutant parties (I guess, in this lifetime)…

The playroom will be filled again with blue colors, action figures, toy cars.  But, it doesn’t mean that our home will not be filled with pure love and joy.

Hello, little one! Mommy, can’t wait to see you and to hug you!

Imperfect, but Completely Happy

Most people visualize perfect families as composed of mom, dad, son and daughter.  I, once upon a time, even visualized mine to be like that.  But, yes… God moves in mysterious ways.  Sometimes too mysterious that it takes time for us to accept and understand when His answer is “No.”

Truly, this is a humbling experience for me as a mom.  I know life will be more challenging in the coming months and years with two energetic boys in tow.  But who am I to complain?  Being a mom the second time around and being able to give our first-born Marty a sibling is more than enough for me to be grateful.

Life may not always be perfect.  Life may not always turn out the way we expect them to be.  But, yes… I’m completely happy and I can’t wait to be pampered as the only “queen of the household.”


Terribly blessed,