Thoughts on Education

Day 16.  Way back in college, I heard about the best quote so far on education that says, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”  These words are from the famous American author, Mark Twain.  It was the most celebrated quote of Team Portfolio when we felt we’re being suppressed by our college student council and were compelled to write news about their so-called “achievements.”  Team Portfolio is a group of talented writers who don’t believe in conventional way of writing and reporting, thus resulting to the creation of Portfolio Magazine.  As one of the former writers of Portfolio Magazine, I must say that it could almost compete with the likes of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Picture1While most college students at the time are too engrossed with what’s latest in technology (i.e. text messaging), the team is spending the night to brainstorm and finish the articles for the magazine.  Yes, at that time, text messaging was just introduced and only a privileged few has parents who are generous enough to buy them a Nokia 3210.   Instead of spending most of our money on cellphone load cards, we used a portion of our allowance to do our fieldwork and interview personalities (e.g. successful businessmen) whom we can feature in our magazine.

I guess that’s the essence of learning.  A person’s willingness to learn can be measured with his readiness to sacrifice some luxuries in exchange of something bigger and bolder.  Way back in college, I didn’t realize this.  I did my part out of rebellion from people in the student council who are trying to “use” us to tell stories about their so-called projects.

I’m glad to have kept that habit of high respect for education until now that I’m way over my newly-grad years where investing on my education and credentials is a priority.  Until today, I have these dreams of expanding my horizon and exploring my courage zone by trying to achieve what’s listed on my bucket list.  Just last year, I invested quite a big amount of money to enroll in a “Book Writing Course” and get basic foundation on book writing – one of the items on my bucket list.  And yes, before the year ended, I was able to self-publish my own book entitled, “It’s Okay to Be Kuripot” (It’s Okay to Be Frugal).

Like I always, nobody is too old to achieve dreams and to cross new boundaries.  It’s just always a question of how courageous we are and what we are willing to sacrifice to reach greater heights.

The same goes for education, we can’t always rely on what’s being told inside the four corners of a classroom.  I didn’t learn anything about financial freedom in school, nobody in school taught me how to self-publish a book, my mathematics teacher never taught me about stock investing… If I just relied on everything I learned in school, I doubt if I will ever learn about strategic averaging method, self-editing a book, doodads, etc.

Mark Twain is indeed saying the truth when he said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”


Continuously learning,




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