My Favorite Blogs

Day 17.  I love reading a lot…  Many years ago when blogs are still non-existent in the world wide web, I would frequent forums and message boards.  I enjoy reading stories after stories from virtual friends, rants after rants of problematic girlfriends, and advices after advices from people who claim to be experts in certain fields.  I love forums because I can choose which topic I feel like reading instead of being stuck in websites infested with information I don’t find interesting at all.


Thank, God blogs were invented!  I was able to get a lot of information and helpful tips from real people.  To name a few, here are the blogs I frequent:

Casa Veneracion – a blog that practically taught me about cooking.  When I was newly-married, I’m challenged to cook mouth-watering dishes that will make my husband drool and fall in love with me a thousand times over.  Yes, I firmly believe that tcasa venhe fastest way to a man heart is through his stomach.  And so, I’m lucky enough to have stumbled upon this blog by a former lawyer who is very passionate about cooking and photography.  With this blog, I learned to cook chicken cordon bleu, adobo in coconut milk, tofu with swamp spinach (a.k.a. kangkong), and a whole lot more.


Coffee Shots and Random Ramblings – a blog of a new-found friend I met in aRANDOM blogging group.  I love the way she writes and tell extraordinary stories out of ordinary topics.   I love her book reviews, which inspired me to read more books.  Reading her blogs is like having a chat with a long-time friend.


Your Page Meets Mine – I just stumbled upon this blog of Ms. Feliz Lucas – mom of Courageous Caitie, a 3-year old girl who died because of rare case of leukemia.  I love how Feliz chronicled stories about their beautiful family in this blog.  Her heartwarming stories about her kids, their travels, and how she is page meetsbeing passionately overwhelmed with her husband’s sweetness.  However, apart from her happy stories, Feliz also shared their journey as a family towards fighting Caitie’s rare disease which makes the blog so real.  I never leave her blog without shedding a tear.


During these times that everything happens so fast and that friends seldom meet for a cup of coffee.  Blogs keep me sane.


Reading my way out of of boredom,




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