What Makes Me Happy?

Day 20.   Happiness is a choice.  With all my heart, I believe that it is 100% true.

Imagine every day of your life waking up to the irritating sound of your alarm clock, spending endless hours in traffic, working on never-ending tasks in the office, dealing with office gossips, going home to a house that needs tidying every single night, and looking after cranky little boys.  It’s crazy right?!  How you respond to these scenarios always depends on your perspective.

As a mom of two, I get to find true ‘happiness’ in simple things and instances.   Gone are the days that new clothes, gadgets, and shoes make me happy.

Hey!  Before I get too sentimental, I’d like to be clear that this blog isn’t about my love for my family… So you won’t see me writing about my family (or my two boys) as source of my happiness.  As the title says, “What makes me happy?”  So let me share with you my three sources of happiness, other than my family.

Beautiful Sunrises

I’m a morning person and it always brings me joy witnessing sunrise before going to office.  Sunrise reminds me of a brand new day.  It reminds me that no matter how bad yesterday turned out, I always get a chance to start a fresh new day.

Sunrise on my way to the office; Photo by the blogger

Sunrise on my way to the office; Photo by the blogger


Heavy Breakfasts

Along with my love for mornings is also my love for (read: heavy) breakfasts.  It’s my most important and most loved meal of the day.  In fact, I spend eating breakfasts longer than the time I spend eating lunches and dinners combined.

Photo by the blogger

Photo by the blogger


Books, books, and more books…

Splurging on books is one thing I will be found guilty of.  Whenever I have free time, reading books will always be the activity you’ll catch me doing.   I love the smell of its papers and the sound it creates whenever I turn every page.  It always amazes me how books allow me to meet new people and go to different places just by reading stories.   Books relax my tired body and enrich my soul that’s why before I end each day, I make it a point that I read at least one chapter of a book.

Photo by the blogger's husband

Photo by the blogger’s husband


I’m blessed to be at a point in my life that I enjoy  life and find true happiness on simple things.  Indeed, happiness is a choice.  It’s our responsibility to make happiness our choice, and to enrich that flicker of joy into a life filled with happiness.


Forever grateful and happy,


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