What Makes Me Sad?

Day 21.  There are a lot of things that make me sad lately.  One of which is not being able to write, read, watch, and research for opportunities as much as I want to.  I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for a very long time, and I haven’t started writing my second book.  It’s been taking too long for me to finish reading a good book (huhu, sniff, sniff).  I have backlogs on the series that I am watching – Arrow, The Flash, Super Girl, Legends of Tomorrow, Prison Break, Junior Masterchef, and The Amazing Race!  Whew!  And the most sad of them all is I can’t do my research on things that makes me happy – setting up my book distribution project.

But, wait… There’s more! 🙂

I realized that many months ago, I drafted this blog and wrote down the three things that saddens me.  Items 2 and 3 don’t bother me now as much as they bother me many months ago.  But, I’m blogging about them anyway.  🙂

My happy place

Leaving my kids for work
I guess in every working mom’s heart, you will always find a longing to stay at home with the kids, witness all their milestones 24/7, and be at the front seat during their growing up years.  But not all moms are blessed enough to have that privilege.

There are many days that I wish I could stay home, cook and feed my toddler with nutritious foods.  There are days that I wish I can stay with my 9-month old and be the first one to hear him say his first word.  But I can’t, I’m no Super Girl.  And it saddens me a lot…

Disrespect of time
This is the most annoying part of dealing with people who are disrespectful of their colleagues’ time.  There are people who are so consumed by their own deadlines, their own issues and concerns, and their own deliverables that they don’t care if I’m having lunch, if I’m running towards the comfort room door because I so wanted to pee, and if I’m catching up on my Arrow, The Flash, Super Girl, Legends of Tomorrow, Prison Break, Junior Masterchef, and The Amazing Race backlogs because hey! It’s lunch break after all.

I’m utterly irritated with people who dilly-dally when asked to decide, especially if it’s a man.  While I agree that it’s necessary to weigh possible options, investigate, and mine as much data or information as possible, I hate it when decisions take too long that a decision is no longer necessary…

Since this blog is close to rotten in my “drafts” folder, I have already overcame two of the things that piss me or make me sad.

So, yeah! Moving on… Let’s celebrate today and make this a memorably happy day!


Choosing to be happy,


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