BBC’s The White Queen

Recently, I have been reading some books that were sitting on my To Read List for quite a while.  I even made some reviews in this blog. Yesterday, I thought of giving in and start watching my To Watch List which hubby saved on my smart phone for quite some time.  I started watching – “The White Queen” series, an adaptation from Philippa Gregory’s novel of the same title.


I must say that it is very timely that I started watching “The White Queen” during the time that everyone is going crazy over the birth of the royal heir – Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s baby boy.  It made me understand and appreciate the “royalties.”  By the way, is there already a name to the royal baby?

royal baby

Photo courtesy of Getty images

The series is very entertaining that I have to stop at 15% on the new book that I’m reading to concentrate on watching this new series.  This is the reason why I try my best to stay away from teleseryes or telenovela because once I get hooked to those, I become so impatient waiting for the next episode to come out.

Watching the series made me realize so many things about the marriages of the royalties.   I’ve learned that in the royalties, once the new King gets married, the mother (currently Queen) becomes a Duchess and her son’s wife becomes the Queen making the new Queen more powerful than the Duchess (the new King’s mother).

I’m also appalled to learn that marriages are not honored, but are treated only as a strategy to secure the throne and that women are forced to marry and pressured to give birth to a son to ensure that there will be a future heir to the throne.

I hope that the marriage practices in the series are fictional and aren’t true in modern times.


Overwhelmed with my new learning,